Timberland Kitchens and Flooring, a modest establishment rooted in a genuine passion for quality craftsmanship, began its journey 13 years ago on Rock Street, Tralee, Co. Kerry. Nestled in the heart of Kerry, our store opened its doors with the simple aim of providing exceptional kitchen and flooring solutions to the local community.

As time unfolded, Timberland Kitchens and Flooring evolved, not just in its offerings but also in its spirit. With a mindful transition, we have now found our home in the vibrant Clash Industrial Estate. This shift marks not just a change in location, but a step towards enhancing our ability to serve you better. Behind the scenes, the story of Timberland's inception bears the touch of generational craftsmanship. Director Danny Hobbart's journey was nurtured by his father, Paudie Hobbart. Together, they honed their skills and expertise, and as Danny embarked on the path of entrepreneurship, Timberland was born—a reflection of years of dedication and a commitment to delivering quality that endures. At Timberland Kitchens and Flooring, we carry this legacy forward, embracing our roots while embracing innovation to bring you the finest kitchens and flooring solutions.