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From Humble Beginnings to Flourishing Excellence: The Timberland Kitchens and Flooring Journey
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From Humble Beginnings to Flourishing Excellence: The Timberland Kitchens and Flooring Journey

Our story began on a quaint corner of Rock Street, Tralee, Co. Kerry, where a small retail unit marked the birth of Timberland Kitchens and Flooring. From these humble beginnings, our journey has been one of determination, growth, and unwavering commitment to providing quality kitchen and flooring solutions.

Director Danny Hobbart, deeply rooted in a lineage of building and carpentry, embarked on this venture after years of learning the trade alongside his father, Paudie Hobbart. The foundation of his expertise was laid by working side by side, honing his skills and imbibing the spirit of craftsmanship. When the time was ripe, Danny took the leap, fueled by a desire to create something of his own. Thus, Timberland Kitchens and Flooring was born, a testament to his dedication and the legacy of knowledge he carried forward.

The journey didn't stop at Rock Street; it was merely a stepping stone. With a vision to expand and enhance our offerings, Timberland found a new home in Clash Industrial Estate. Here, our showroom proudly showcases four fully fitted kitchens, embodying the culmination of years of experience and a passion for creating beautiful, functional spaces. The addition of a trade counter and a spacious warehouse marked the realization of a dream, enabling us to cater to a broader spectrum of needs.

But the tale of Timberland's growth isn't solely about one individual's efforts. It's about a collective support system that makes success possible. Danny's wife, Laura, and their children, Dylan, Emma, Daniel and Alex, have been pillars of strength, as have been his parents, Margaret and Paudie. The bond of family, siblings, and close friends has infused the business with the kind of strength that propels it forward. Every step we take, every achievement we celebrate, is a tribute to this collective spirit and the trust that our community places in us.

The journey is far from over; it's a path of continuous improvement and relentless pursuit of excellence. As we stand tall in our thriving location, Timberland Kitchens and Flooring is not just a business but a reflection of our shared journey, commitment, and the drive to create spaces that inspire. We look ahead with gratitude and excitement, knowing that every chapter of our story is written by those who believe in us, those who walk with us, and those who choose to make their homes truly special with us.

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